A re-texturizing mask that exfoliates the top surface layers of dead skin. Benefits include an instant visible result, smoother skin and minimizes fine lines. Beneficial for all skin types.

Chemical Peels
A skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back after a chemical peel is smoother and younger looking. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration and scars.

A method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Dermaplaning removes all the dead skin cells and also the facial hair, leaving your face very smooth and fresh.

Uses a variable flow of vacuum suction to maintain contact with the skin while the diamond tips get to work by smoothing and buffing the skin's surface.

Oxygen Infusion Facial
An oxygen facial immediately revitalizes your skin and hides even the tiniest imperfections. It has exploded onto the beauty scene largely due to its instant results, characterized by a smoothing and plumping of the skin’s surface. Oxygen is sprayed at a high pressure directly to the skin’s surface. A serum containing active ingredients such as nutrients and vitamins are atomized and delivered as a soothing mist and then infused (pushed) into the skin. The oxygen acts as a catalyst that opens up the skin’s pores to allow increased absorption of the active ingredients. What’s the best part? The results are undeniable and immediate!

Oxidation of the skin is a process in which exposure to environmental assaults like sunlight, UV rays, and toxins cause rapid production of oxidants or free radicals in our bodies. Excessive amounts of these can actually damage tissues and cause wrinkles and advanced aging of the skin. By treating the skin with pure oxygen, you are restoring the nourishing elements that are not available in our environment as we know it. In the sterilized and controlled environment of the spa, we are able to provide the pure oxygen benefits to slow signs of aging and create healthier, more radiant skin. So, the oxygen that we are exposed to in the environment is constantly contaminated by free radicals, UV rays, and other pollutants, which essentially makes it toxic for our skin. What oxygen facials do is they take oxygen in its purest state and apply it to the skin.

Rezenerate Nano Facial
The nanotechnology used by the Rezenerate Wand™ helps deliver your nutrient rich serums past the water proof barrier of the stratum corneum to assist in restoring the ideal micro-environment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. This combination awakens the collagen producing cells that have become sluggish and stagnant as we age. With the outermost epidermal layer of skin rejuvenated, the conditioned skin retains a healthy plumpness (this is the only time you can use the word plump with a woman!) which minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Rezenerate treatment will soften fine lines and wrinkles, decrease pigmentation, decrease scarring (including acne scars), improve skin health, increase circulation, firm and lift. Rezenerate’s advanced nanotechnology system delivers product safely and comfortably, accelerating the improvements in the skin.

Circadia Oxygen RX Treatment (ideal for acne, Rosacea, sun-damaged skin, telangiectasia)
The Circadia Oxygen Rx treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant results. The procedure is quick, easy and pleasant. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. The treatment can be repeated as often as once a week (oxygen only). With the enzyme treatment included, it can be repeated once every third week.

LED by Celluma
In the same way that plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into plant tissue, high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) utilizing specific, proven wavelengths of light can trigger a natural biostimulatory effect in human tissue. Research has shown that phototherapy can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone, texture and clarity.

Additional treatments:

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  • Vitamin C Treatments

  • Collagen Blankets

  • LED Light Therapy

  • Advanced Facial Massage

  • Facial Cupping

  • Back Facials


  • Brow and lip


  • Lash and brow