Georgia began her career in human resources, but after having two sons and losing her father to cancer, she had a life and career change. She wanted to find a career that would help people and make them happy. She discovered esthetics and has never looked back.

Georgia pursued a career in esthetics and received her professional license. She continues to enroll in advanced education and training, and offers her clients the highest-level facials.


“I am a nurturer by nature and I love to take care of people. I love that women are seeking self care and I am so happy to bring that to them. When we take care of ourselves we feel better, we are motivated, we are present we want to keep going.”

Georgia believes that facials should no longer be a luxury treatment - skin is our biggest organ we need to keep it healthy!

“I want women to know that if you maintain a proper skin care regimen at home and get regular treatments, you can age gracefully and your skin will always look healthy. I also want us to embrace our natural beauty. We live in a high-pressure society and culture that strives for perfection. It is really hard for everyone to keep up with everything "new". I keep it simple. Easy minimum steps at home and regular treatments with me.”

You can expect to have a very relaxing treatment with Georgia, but also know that a lot of study and care goes into each session. This is not your basic facial! Georgia analyzes your skin each time and gives your skin the treatment it needs.

Georgia adores all of her clients she has met over the years, and especially the ones she has met since joining Jillian and uGlow Med Spa.

“I feel so blessed that I trusted my journey and it brought me to uGlow Med Spa and brought all my clients into my life. I hold a special place for everyone in my heart!”

Georgia lives in Swampscott with her husband Neal of 17 years, two boys Jake (13) and Dean (10), and her two very cute furry babies, Ouzo and Chewie.


“Georgia is simply the best of the best! I have always had good skin luckily, until about 27 when I started to get these clusters of painful and itchy bumps on around my chin and neck. I went to see Georgia and in just TWO visits the bumps have lessened to pretty much nothing. I went from someone who never really took care of her skin (I thought because my skin was decent that Cetaphil would be just fine) but now I have a whole skin care routine! Do yourself a favor and go see Georgia, good or bad skin she is your girl!”  - Julie

“Georgia Collins combines modern science with a holistic natural approach to give you the best realistic results without comprising the quality of your skin. Her treatments hydrate the skin like nothing I have ever experienced before. Your wrinkles, fine lines, Sun damaged spots or acne scars diminish incredibly, The results are absolutely amazing and astonishing! Georgias warm and inviting personality will take You to a deep place of pure relaxation and endless comfort. Her massage techniques helps rest the body and calm the mind, she really has that magic touch! I highly recommend if you have not experienced a treatment with Georgia Collins You book an appointment ASAP! You will thank me!” - Margarita

“Georgia is the best! I had the most relaxing facial today. I love her and her services. I booked another for a few weeks. Love, love, love!” - Susan

“Georgia serves up customized treatments that make a real, visible, difference. Firmness, clarity and radiance – ideal results…highly recommend her!” - Maura

“My skin feels amazing. So many compliments. Hats off to the best esthetician.” - Kelly

“Local ladies! I just had the most amazing Rezenerate facial from my girl Georgia at UGlow Med Spa! A MUST TRY!” - Heather

“GLOW-ing! Thanks for the always amazing facial Georgia!” - Lindsey

“Georgia is simply the best when it comes to skincare! I have been going to her now for about a year and my skin has never been more plump, smooth or looked healthier. What is so unique and special about Georgia is that she consults you at each appointment and goes over each treatment she intends to use. She takes the time to really work on your skin and come up with a routine that is unique to you. Check her out. You won't be disappointed!” - Katerina